EMC Test Equipment Upgrade

Digitrol has invested in new EMC test equipment to replace the existing Seaward MACE interface simulator, which had been showing its age for a while and was now beyond economic repair.

The new equipment purchased includes:

  • Teseq NSG3040A Transient Simulator
  • Teseq TVT 1-250-16.1 Tapped Autotransformer
  • Teseq NSG 435 ESD Simulator

The equipment is a significant upgrade on the previous equipment and will allow Digitrol to carry out its own in-house EMC pre-compliance testing more efficiently, as well as offer pre-compliance testing with modern test equipment to external customers.

The new Teseq equipment will allow Digitrol to perform EMC immunity testing of types Electrical Fast Transient, Voltage Dips and Interruptions and Electrostatic Discharge, with the potential to support Surge testing in the future.